Design Philosophy

    Our approach is fundamentally informed by the belief that it is better to work with nature than to dominate it. Our goal is to create a sense of space, paying careful consideration to the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces, and between naturalistic garden spaces and the wider landscape. The mood or atmosphere is created through incorporation of the natural features of the land, architecture of the home, existing flora and other specific features of the site. Work focuses on heightening this sense of space through the use of plants and hard materials with the aim of evoking an emotional response through sight, sound, and motion.

    We are committed to creating better environments for wildlife and people while making as gentle a mark on the land as possible. By encouraging the use of plants that naturally thrive in the given environment and by promoting the best garden practices, we minimize the need for water and maintenance.

    We work closely with all or our clients, believing that an open exchange of information is the best way to ensure a mutually successful result. We welcome the opportunity to work with architects and engineers from the inception of building schemes as we believe that the relationship between a building and its environment are fundamental. We are primarily concerned with making beautiful environments that allow a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors, and provide beautiful surroundings for inspiration, contemplation and activity.

    Our vast experience coupled with our unique design ability work together to create extraordinary gardens of incredible depth and artful detail. Our designs provide for functional accommodation and aesthetic richness. The ultimate creation is a client-tailored environment that expresses a sense of identity and reality with the living space through sight, sound, and motion.